Thursday, February 16, 2012

Married with Kittens

Don't worry, this will be the only neon I force upon you. ;)

Tiny baby plays with the Lita
Purrcie is a 'special' little lady
Tales of a bored housewife 
Our mantel with my prized ceramic Persian Princess
I'm a slave for high contrast
Love my Etsy Turkish Kilim Pillow
Like my high gloss black walls in my office?

Oh blog friends (if you're still out there) I have missed connecting with you all over the internets. All I can say is that life has been incredibly hectic with getting married, moving into a new place, getting a new job, a new last name, a new kitten, eeeeeek I love my sweet Purrcie! Trying to adjust to a new everything is quite overwhelming but also very enjoyable. 

The husbie and I have been basking in our new registry gifts and have been fattening ourselves with delicious waffles from the new waffle maker and good home cooking with our extra sharp knife set and sparkling frying pans. We've definitely been treating ourselves. 

All that aside, I am excited to get back to real life and to have time to focus on the things I loved prior to wedding planning.

As you can see I'm shoving quite a bit of neon down y'alls throats. I know that I'll be sick of it soon and I tend to be rather 'black or white' so I thought I'd purge my system of the seemingly quickly diminishing trend. 

Anyhow, I hope you're all doing just lovely and grateful to those who still take a second to peek at my dorkiness on here.

P.S. Who is sad they're not at NYFW? I am pretty bummed and as result my next post will be dedicated to all the glorious new designs flanking the runway this season. 


  1. omg i love your neon! and your house! do you guys own that beauty? im jealous if you do.

  2. You are rocking that neon! And I'm living the high contest on your home. I'll be sure to come visit you at City Creek!

  3. ok seriously! that picture of the kitty and your litas is SO CUTE.

  4. Speshally LOVE THIS post..the colours are amazing!! BOOM EVERYWHERE love it..your kitten oh dear god. that face hahahahahahhahah love itx