Sunday, April 22, 2012

The fact that it's not even May and it's 85 degrees out explains the appearance of my delicious ice cream cone in this photo sesh. I'm not really built for hot weather... or even cold for that matter.  I'm already a slightly 'whiney' person, so when the temperature is outside of my comfort range (i.e. 70-75) I resort to drastic and dramatic measures such as parking myself in front of large, window air conditioner units airing out my armpits with a tasty iced beverage in hand. I'm kind of a puss.

Ice cream on my lip, don't trip.
 In my last blog entry I told you all about my plans to spruce up our sad looking bedroom. I am happy to report that I've been successful in painting, installing IKEA track and curtains for our faux canopy and transforming 3 yards of the most incredible vintage Marimekko fabric into a sassy blanket. 

While the room is still a work in progress and not quite ready for photographing, I did want to show you the bedside table I found thrifting yesterday. I paid only 20 bucks for it and I'm IN LOVE. You like?

Amazing mirrored art deco inspired bedside table
Would someone please tell Percy (on the left) to stop licking my eyelids at night?
xo, Have a happy week everyone!

Friday, March 2, 2012

So I'm not sure who or what inspired this look. It could have been the darling 90 plus year old grandma I saw in the grocery store the other day who had on a siiiiick pair of green pants that fit her like a glove or my previous post revealing my 'emerald' obsession. Either way I threw together my latest thrift finds and topped the look off with my prized Oscar de la Renta white linen blazer. The results are... to be honest, I don't know where I stand with this outfit as I was slightly delusional while dressing.

I am also swearing to myself that I will never spray tan my face ever again in the morning before work (while I'm still half asleep), because when I returned home, I took one glance in the mirror and realized that I looked as if I had smeared a jar of pureed carrot orange baby food all over my face. I hope my coworkers don't assume I have a terrible case of jaundice or liver disease. Oh well, oompa loompas look rad in green, right?

P.S. I'm redesigning our bedroom which is at the moment looking like a really sparse, creepy, non sensual, anything-but-relaxing place. I drew up two quick sketches for design direction for our 'faux bed canopy' and wanted your opinions. Vote in the comment section for the design you think we should execute. I need help and will show the end results and design process.

I know I look like a total goober in this photo but Purrcie is so model material.

Option 1

Option 2

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fall 2012 Forecasting: Emerald City

I loved seeing vibrant colors linger in Fall 2012 RTW collections. Nothing updates a look more effectively than the simple injection of hot pink, fuchsia or fiery reddish orange. One hue in particular caught my eye during Fashion Week and conjured up images of yellow brick roads, ruby red slippers and best of all, sultry emerald tones. You can bet I'll be stocking my closet full of this irresistible color after this spring/summer's pretty pastels are played out.

*Images from and

From L to R:
Corey Lynn Calter
Tori Burch
Sachin and Babi
J Mendel

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Married with Kittens

Don't worry, this will be the only neon I force upon you. ;)

Tiny baby plays with the Lita
Purrcie is a 'special' little lady
Tales of a bored housewife 
Our mantel with my prized ceramic Persian Princess
I'm a slave for high contrast
Love my Etsy Turkish Kilim Pillow
Like my high gloss black walls in my office?

Oh blog friends (if you're still out there) I have missed connecting with you all over the internets. All I can say is that life has been incredibly hectic with getting married, moving into a new place, getting a new job, a new last name, a new kitten, eeeeeek I love my sweet Purrcie! Trying to adjust to a new everything is quite overwhelming but also very enjoyable. 

The husbie and I have been basking in our new registry gifts and have been fattening ourselves with delicious waffles from the new waffle maker and good home cooking with our extra sharp knife set and sparkling frying pans. We've definitely been treating ourselves. 

All that aside, I am excited to get back to real life and to have time to focus on the things I loved prior to wedding planning.

As you can see I'm shoving quite a bit of neon down y'alls throats. I know that I'll be sick of it soon and I tend to be rather 'black or white' so I thought I'd purge my system of the seemingly quickly diminishing trend. 

Anyhow, I hope you're all doing just lovely and grateful to those who still take a second to peek at my dorkiness on here.

P.S. Who is sad they're not at NYFW? I am pretty bummed and as result my next post will be dedicated to all the glorious new designs flanking the runway this season.