Monday, November 14, 2011

Close Encounters

I hope all of you enjoyed your freedom this weekend. It's pretty unlikely that you had less fun than I did as I spent the entirety of my weekend at a religious retreat called 'Engaged Encounter' or as my fiance likes to call it, 'Encounters with the Turd kind.'  In a nutshell, this marriage preparation encourages couples to discuss before they get hitched, the controversial topics/hot spots that are commonly known to cause bumps in the marital path. Super FUN things like finances, values, kids, in-laws , etc. Since my fiance is Catholic, we knew this would be on our list of pre-wedding 'to do's'. 

I know the turd comment is a little crass but really, after 12 hours of writing in journals, covering issues we've hammered through countless times in our relationship, we felt pretty emotionally vacant. To my surprise, the whole experience wasn't that bad and aside from the poor sweet lady who wouldn't stop crying during the meetings and the couple who engaged in some strange sounding 'couples bonding' in the room next to us, we found that our values regarding marriage were actually strengthened and reinforced. I'm glad we went through it together, but even happier that we will never have to do it again.

On another note....

I have been so intrigued with the fact that color blocking has continued into the winter season. I'm freakishly giddy over the unusual combinations of eye-popping citron, coral and violet/blue hues with the more toned down rust, forest green and berry colors traditionally seen this time of year. 

I found this maroon knit cardi while shopping at H&M's opening VIP party and decided that it would look glorious with my favorite salmon colored button down. 

Hope all of you are faboowus.



  1. i love the warm/rusty colors and that necklace is so cool!


  2. Great outfit! Thanks for your comment on chictopia! :)

  3. I am obsessed with this color palette and that necklace! Such a good look!

  4. Oh the turd comment was great...THATS what I'm talking BOUT!! hahahaha. Im happy that you are happy :) Beautiful person deserves it OOH so much. xoxo