Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truuuuust in Meeeee

You might recall these special leggings from a while back (okay you probably don't but that's fine.) But really, I can't even express to you how thrilled I am that I still have feelings for them this season. I love them because:

1) They allow me to gorge myself comfortably as they conveniently expand with my waistline after a large meal
2) Snake print pattern hides food stains rather effectively and 
3) I love them most of all,  food related purposes aside,  because snake print is totally sssssss-sexy for fall. 

Wearing these makes me want to sing the 'TRUUUUUUST IN MEEEEEEE' Jungle Book song to strangers on the street. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to just slither around on the floor with these bad boys on? 

I really love the idea of this print paired with some luscious velvet in a perfect-for-fall berry hue. I bought this button down blouse thrifting and decided that it worked as a cardigan if I tucked the collar under. Weird, I know. At least it adds some much needed bulk to my shoulders. 

The flash is awkward but the color is nicer in this.


  1. Awwwweeeeeee - you're back! :) And you look smokin' & you have wonderous NYFW news. So happy to see you back blogging, now don't go away again! :) xox

  2. I love the boots!


  3. I adore those leggings, but I adore that velvet blazer even more - so gorgeous! You look wonderful. I hope you're well :) xx

  4. Adore the leggings!! I'm lusting so much over snake print! Amazing outfit :)

    The Deer Head


  5. Great blog. I follow you now.
    If you like, please follow back. It would make me very happy


    LOVE from Germany

  6. Cool look!


  7. love every detail of this outfit. the necklace and the velvet blazer is just adorbs!

  8. love so much your velvet jacket, and those leggins are great too^^


    xoxo dear! :)

  9. This velvet jacket looks fantastic, and your leggins are great!

  10. OH my LAWEDDDDYYYY look who has a blog post!!!!! I think I just weed a little bit. i LOVE the talk about leggings and food because we all need to base our clothing around..coz lordy its always gona be spilt on ;) Oh and your velvet blazer...YOU ALWAYS FIND THE MOST AMAZING THINGS. Still waiting on my special parcel HAHAHAHAH. you are amazing I am so happy to see you back in action...OH You asked bout this Ladakh blouse...Its an australian brand so I have nooooo idea!!!! but if I ever get sick of it...ITS YOURS ;) but please don't wait for it. Omg I love you!

  11. Great look,hon!Love the blazer and the necklace!

  12. I know exactly what you're saying about the expanding waistband - I don't care what people say, leggings are the bomb.

    xx Jess Loves Fred

  13. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! You all are the BEST! So excited to have new followers - I've stopped by your blogs and LURVE them!! I'm especially pleased that most of you share my leggings sentiment and agree that there is no shame in loving stretchy fabric. <3 xo

  14. Amazing outfit, those leggings are perfect with that velvet jacket :)

  15. wow... this is one VERY INTERESTING outfit! love the velvet shirt and your necklace... ;)
    consider me your newest follower lady :)