Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peacock Don't Care, Peacock Don't Give a Sh*t

The lapses in between my posts have been growing larger and longer and it truly does pain my poor heart to not have more time to make it to the old computer but the past couple of weeks have been crazy BUSY. Crazy busy in a really good way that is and therefore I have much to tell you. 

To begin, since this blog's main purpose is to report on tasty fashion morsels, I wanted to present you all my with latest pair of Jeffrey Campbells. When I pulled the Jenna's out of their box I seriously wanted to A) make out with them, or B) put them on a plate and eat them they looked so delicious. Either option, would have resulted in jute fibers stuck in between my teeth so the third most logical option was to put them on my feet, like a normal human being. Ladies, let me assure you, if you are having a bad day, nothing will pick you up more than wearing a pair of JC's out in public. They seem to have wide appeal - from the adorable old lady in her scooter in the grocery store aisle to the parking booth attendant who had seen me walk by as  - ages young and old apparently appreciate a good espadrille pump.

Secondly, I found this amazing purse while thrifting the other day. I was super drawn to it's southwestern aesthetic and I liked the fact that it matched my new shoes. I also thought it'd be a fun game to try the mystery pills and blow my nose with the super old kleenex it's previous owner had kindly left in it for me. JUST KIDDING - that was a weird joke. 

Okay... what else to tell you all.

We found a venue for my wedding reception and I am beyond excited about it!!! The reception will take place at a local restaurant that seriously could be one of the most magical places in Utah. Located on 22 acres of breathtaking grounds abundant with the loveliest flowers, streams and meandering peacocks, La Caille reminds me of eighteenth-century French-inspired ch√Ęteau. (I'm sure it's a highly Americanized version of the former, but nonetheless it's super charming.)

La Caille

 I visited La Caille with my step-mom and while she chatted business with the wedding coordinator I chased an unsuspecting peacock around through the bushes in an attempt to get a good shot for y'all. I tried to communicate with it by cooing gently while crouching in a non threatening position, hoping it would pose for a quick portrait but the nasty little birdie seemed not to care or give a shi*, sort of like the elusive honey badger. (By the way if you haven't seen the honey badger video on youtube, you'd best look it up pronto.)

Last but not least, the photos below are of a Father's Day dinner we had last night. This portion of my blog is dedicated to my dad, who actually takes the time to read my dorky blog and always gives me the sweetest compliments. You're the best dad in the world and you mean more than you know to me. <3

Okay, all the mush aside, I must succumb to an overwhelming urge to urinate so I must leave you on that note. I sure do appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog and I am sorry for not returning the favor these past two weeks - I promise to remedy my evil blogger ways. 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, lovely followers. MWAH! 

xo Kristen
I take my mint harvest very seriously

fiance and the dad


  1. O em geeeee!! Girlfriend when did you have the time to take these gorgeous pics between our busy day?? You look stunning!! Had such a great day, so happy for you! Xo

  2. Great post! Thanks for all the news and pretty pictures. Don't worry about being away: we all do that at times; usually without as good an excuse as wedding-preparation. :) Love the shoes.

  3. Are those mojitos I see? Yummy! And speaking of yummy, those JC's are just scrumptious. I love how you styled them!

    By the way, La Caille looks like such a beautiful place, peacocks and all.

    Love this post! Specially the pic of your dad and fiance (so sweet)!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment in my blog! I do use a wireless remote control, without it I'd be lost - you can't use a self timer with my 50mm lense (the only one I ever use) because of the short depth of field, and my boyfriend can not take a decent photograph to save his life. Mean, but true. I don't know about your remote, but mine gives you a couple of seconds from when you click it until the photo is taken, so it's easy to just hide it - yep, I'm holding it in all of my photos.

    OK, onto this post: those shoes, I can't believe them ! SOOOO JEALOUS! It's really funny, I have the exact same feeling when I've received a JC package and open the shoe box for the first time. My heart seriously fills with joy and desire at the sight and smell of the shoes, it's creepy and almost a little sad, haha!

    The venue you picked for your wedding reception is absolutely stunning. Congratulations on getting married to the man of your dreams! I look forward to following you and I'm hoping for at least three million photos from the wedding ;)


  5. gorgeous look ! i love your shorts and shoes:)


  6. Oh yes it has been a terribly long time since I saw your face in posts. I was rather mad at you but then I saw you face and not mad at you anymore ;) Just post!! OHHHH you need to post. First the Shoes are wonderful but aren't all JCs? I rally do need to buy a pair but unfortunately me and saving donot mix. but I REALLY LOVE THAT BAG OMGGGG. I am SO coming to live with you and your amazing op shops. The grafitti I dont mind as much coz a few weeks ago at a bus stop it said "Tarra Currie is a sloppy hole" I KID YOU NOT. So mother and I always laugh at poor Tara. Im rambling. OOHHH that venue is delightful..its heaven. You know you have to post pictures right. Or I really will be mad baby girl ;)

    I MISS YOUR SEXY ASS love your shorts too.
    and I hope you feel better aFter your urination ahhahahahah xxxxxxhxxoxxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxo

  7. omg!! your shoes are just to die for.. :) you are very beautiful.. and very stylish! i love your blog.. :) i followed you here and in chictopia.

    really hoping you could visit my blog too and follow back... would be a pleasure.. :)


  8. awww loved the post! first your shoes are freakin AMAZING. i wanna eat them too lol jk, just steal them? haha :P. and u look lovely as always girl! the french-inspired chateau place looks gorgeous for your wedding reception, which i am SO excited for youu btw! :) and sweetest father's day ever. :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  9. Mmmm) I like it)

  10. yours photos are amazing:X:X

    love the shoes :->



  11. Love your sandals, actually the entire look! Nice!

  12. What a beautiful place for a wedding reception! :)
    Oh my god, those SHOES! I'M JEALOUS. You look amazing!

  13. @According to AnnikaThanks girl for YOUR sweet comment and tips for how to hide my clicker :). I am so relieved to hear that your man is not the best picture taker either. Mine and I actually got in a little tiff about it which resulted in the purchase of said 'wireless remote.' I am super picky and have a narrow idea of what I like and he was sick of me snatching the camera out of his hands like a major jerk. haha - oops. Guess I'm a little bit of a control freak. Hnyhow, beyond thrilled you're following. I sweat your blog majorly and think you SO INSANELY BEAUTIFUL. Like seriously, are you even human? Keep in touch lovely! xo Kristen

  14. @Kathleen Hi dearie! Yes, they most certainly are mojitos! They were so dangerously delicious too! Going to meander over to you blog! I've missed you! xo

  15. @Shybiker Hello dear!!! You are always so sweet and reassuring. Wouldn't it be amazing if our only priorities were blogging? I really wish I didn't have to run a real life and all the mundane tasks it generally entails - I am quite satisfied with my cyber life. <3 Thnx for the comment!

  16. @Roshi OMG!!! "Tarra Currie is a sloppy hole." Such poetry, what a beautiful thing to graffiti. You know, I am just so inspired I might tattoo that on my arm. It would be so edgy. Don't you think? BTW- if you move here our cats have to be BFF. Are Tinker's man bits/parts still in tact? Just asking because my cat Baby is still not spayed and she is a randy little thing so we would have to keep them from mating. Like how I'm planning your life? xo

  17. @SoL Sia Awwwww, thanks dear for following! You are a dream. Heading over to your blog this INSTANT! xoxo Kristen

  18. @asia Thanks gorgeous for stopping by! xoxo

  19. bwahahahah i love that you found pills and tissues haha. Can you please post every day so I can stalk your life? I love the fact that you said you want to "eat" the shoes because I always say I want to eat things that aren't edible and everyone thinks I'm mental. Well, I am but whatever. I would eat those shoes too. And your shorts are SO CUTEEE. <3

  20. Hello Fellow Kristen!=p I really love the photos, they are beautiful! Following you now on Chictopia, Bloglovin and your GFC. I can't get enough of the pretty things I see on your blog! Like this pair is TDF!!! If you have the time, would love it if you could check out my blog and perhaps follow if you like it!:-) Keep inspiring people. KRISTEN's rock!!!<3:-)


  21. those shoes are amazing!! And I love your bag :)