Monday, June 6, 2011

Come Jump in my Yumpsuit

Hi lovely blogger friends. By now you're probably thinking, 'OMG, like totally Dub-Tee-Eff is this bia's problem? She leads me on for more posts and totally BLOWS it and neglects to update for nearly a week.' If you are thinking this then I am truly sorry for my absence and to make up for it, I'm posting two outfits in this entry. Let's just say there have been a few technical problems in my life lately, i.e. the flooding of our basement led to a lack of washer and dryer and therefore a lack of clean clothing for the past two weeks. One benefit of this problem has been the fact that I've been forced to dig deeper into my closet for items that I've completely forgotten about. 

First outfit is this jumper that I found at a thrift store, that frankly, I just haven't had the cojones to wear out in public. I mean, let's be real, I kind of do look like big bird in this thing. But when I ran out of clothes and saw a lot of bloggers trying out the whole romper thing, I gave myself a little pep talk while looking in the mirror and said, 'let's do this beeeyotch! Put on the jumpsuit!'

You know, I'm really diggin' this thing for the minute. Only bummer is that it has the tendency to give me a massive wedgie when I raise my arms above my head and having to get totally undressed for a simple trip to the bathroom is a little unnerving. If someone were to walk in on me peeing they would probably wonder why I was naked on the toilet... 

Oh wow, sorry. That's probably not a visual you were wanting to have.

 Anyway, those are my deepest, innermost thoughts and concerns regarding my jumper. (I prefer to pronounce it with a 'y' instead of a 'j'. Sounds more sophisticated.)  :)
Cody humiliating me by not jumping up for a dancing photo op
Next outfit is this dress I bought from Lulu's online. I loved it when I saw it but  after trying it on I am not sure I'm thrilled with the fit. It's a little large and looks way better when it's belted. Also I was kind of sad to discover that it's material is cotton/linen and wrinkles SUPER easily. :( But oh well, it will be nice to wear over a swimsuit or on a scorching summer day. 

I wanted to show you all this darling photo I took of my cat Baby when she was snuggling with my the other day. I love her little talons sticking straight up in the air.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and enjoying your summer so far. I appreciate you stopping by. <3
xo Kristen


  1. Kristen, You look amazing in that yellow, gorgeous jumper :) Its eonderful finding!
    and your new dress is so adorable, perfect summer look. I like that You belted it.

    xoxo Ra

  2. Oh laddddddy!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEN i have missed your crazy ramblings...and now you have added wedgie and naked on the loo. Im in fits of laughter..YOu MAKE MY DAY COMPLETE.

    I say work in that jumpsuit its so bright you could be a human banana but do remember bananas are yummy AND good for you so how can that be a bad thing.Please do not lead on with fake promisses of posts. It hurts my already fragile heart.

    UM YOUR SMILE LIGHTS UP THE SKY that picutre of you and doggy is ADORABLE your face..BOOM! MY HEART EXPLODED. waaahhhhh fly over!!! I WANAA HUG YOU xoxoxoxo

  3. I love the jumpsuit! I mean, I really love it!

    Fashion should be about pushing against boundaries and exploring the edge of good taste. This jumper has style galore and heaps of excitement. The bright yellow reminds me of a surreal prison uniform -- and I mean that in a good way!

    Also, don't worry about being absent. We all have lives to tend to.

  4. I have missed your posts, but it's ok, i forgive you! I love both outfits but especially the jumpsuit, you look amazing in it! I totally feel weird when you have to get naked just to pee too. Especially if i'm at college or something, it's so weird being naked at college, you know!? haha :)

  5. Gorgeous look, honey!That white dress is to die for!And so is the jumpsuit!Missed your posts!xoxo

  6. the yello jupmsuit!

  7. hey fellow chictopian!

    I love your outfits especially that yellow jumpsuit!
    I hope we can be blogger friends.:)

  8. Love these looks!! The yellow jumpsuit's perfect!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  9. Dude, you are rocking that yumpsuit big time. And yes, the wedgie and peeing naked are definitely downsides of the trend.


  10. love the jumpsuit!!!
    following :)