Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello my blogger loves. This post will be a brief one as I'm running out the door but I really felt it very necessary to introduce you all to my new pleated skirt. Yes, I know you're thinking, 'What are you doing psycho? It's a cheerleader/tennis skirt, loser-freak!' Yes, I'm quite aware that it's context is deeply rooted in the above categories, but I figured since the pleated midi skirts have been a wardrobe staple for spring, this shorter, wider pleated version could substitute nicely for the summer season. I found the same one in a pale yellow version and decided that a pair of JC's (preferably the foxy's) in a lighter shade would look lovely with it. Sadly I don't own a pair of the foxy's yet so in the meantime, my Lita's will have to suffice.

Hope you all are doing fabulous. I loved reading all your comments on my last post. After taping the nose bridge on my glasses and snorting around with some HTML, I figured out how to reply individually to each comment, which got my geeky, nerd self pretty excited. 

Anyhow, I must run my lovelies. Walter is leaving for Alaska for 10 days tonight and coincidentally, my most incredible and amazing friend, Ashley arrives in town tonight for the weekend. She is my soul sistah, seriously like my right arm and is an incredibly fun person to be around. I'll try to coax her into a mini photoshoot to post on here as she is really, really, ridiculously good looking and therefore fulfills the most important requirement for appearing on my blog. (I kid, I kid.) 

xo, Kristen 

I had to throw these in. I'm obsessed with her. <3

Ashley and Me. Gorgeous.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peacock Don't Care, Peacock Don't Give a Sh*t

The lapses in between my posts have been growing larger and longer and it truly does pain my poor heart to not have more time to make it to the old computer but the past couple of weeks have been crazy BUSY. Crazy busy in a really good way that is and therefore I have much to tell you. 

To begin, since this blog's main purpose is to report on tasty fashion morsels, I wanted to present you all my with latest pair of Jeffrey Campbells. When I pulled the Jenna's out of their box I seriously wanted to A) make out with them, or B) put them on a plate and eat them they looked so delicious. Either option, would have resulted in jute fibers stuck in between my teeth so the third most logical option was to put them on my feet, like a normal human being. Ladies, let me assure you, if you are having a bad day, nothing will pick you up more than wearing a pair of JC's out in public. They seem to have wide appeal - from the adorable old lady in her scooter in the grocery store aisle to the parking booth attendant who had seen me walk by as  - ages young and old apparently appreciate a good espadrille pump.

Secondly, I found this amazing purse while thrifting the other day. I was super drawn to it's southwestern aesthetic and I liked the fact that it matched my new shoes. I also thought it'd be a fun game to try the mystery pills and blow my nose with the super old kleenex it's previous owner had kindly left in it for me. JUST KIDDING - that was a weird joke. 

Okay... what else to tell you all.

We found a venue for my wedding reception and I am beyond excited about it!!! The reception will take place at a local restaurant that seriously could be one of the most magical places in Utah. Located on 22 acres of breathtaking grounds abundant with the loveliest flowers, streams and meandering peacocks, La Caille reminds me of eighteenth-century French-inspired ch√Ęteau. (I'm sure it's a highly Americanized version of the former, but nonetheless it's super charming.)

La Caille

 I visited La Caille with my step-mom and while she chatted business with the wedding coordinator I chased an unsuspecting peacock around through the bushes in an attempt to get a good shot for y'all. I tried to communicate with it by cooing gently while crouching in a non threatening position, hoping it would pose for a quick portrait but the nasty little birdie seemed not to care or give a shi*, sort of like the elusive honey badger. (By the way if you haven't seen the honey badger video on youtube, you'd best look it up pronto.)

Last but not least, the photos below are of a Father's Day dinner we had last night. This portion of my blog is dedicated to my dad, who actually takes the time to read my dorky blog and always gives me the sweetest compliments. You're the best dad in the world and you mean more than you know to me. <3

Okay, all the mush aside, I must succumb to an overwhelming urge to urinate so I must leave you on that note. I sure do appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog and I am sorry for not returning the favor these past two weeks - I promise to remedy my evil blogger ways. 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, lovely followers. MWAH! 

xo Kristen
I take my mint harvest very seriously

fiance and the dad

Monday, June 6, 2011

Come Jump in my Yumpsuit

Hi lovely blogger friends. By now you're probably thinking, 'OMG, like totally Dub-Tee-Eff is this bia's problem? She leads me on for more posts and totally BLOWS it and neglects to update for nearly a week.' If you are thinking this then I am truly sorry for my absence and to make up for it, I'm posting two outfits in this entry. Let's just say there have been a few technical problems in my life lately, i.e. the flooding of our basement led to a lack of washer and dryer and therefore a lack of clean clothing for the past two weeks. One benefit of this problem has been the fact that I've been forced to dig deeper into my closet for items that I've completely forgotten about. 

First outfit is this jumper that I found at a thrift store, that frankly, I just haven't had the cojones to wear out in public. I mean, let's be real, I kind of do look like big bird in this thing. But when I ran out of clothes and saw a lot of bloggers trying out the whole romper thing, I gave myself a little pep talk while looking in the mirror and said, 'let's do this beeeyotch! Put on the jumpsuit!'

You know, I'm really diggin' this thing for the minute. Only bummer is that it has the tendency to give me a massive wedgie when I raise my arms above my head and having to get totally undressed for a simple trip to the bathroom is a little unnerving. If someone were to walk in on me peeing they would probably wonder why I was naked on the toilet... 

Oh wow, sorry. That's probably not a visual you were wanting to have.

 Anyway, those are my deepest, innermost thoughts and concerns regarding my jumper. (I prefer to pronounce it with a 'y' instead of a 'j'. Sounds more sophisticated.)  :)
Cody humiliating me by not jumping up for a dancing photo op
Next outfit is this dress I bought from Lulu's online. I loved it when I saw it but  after trying it on I am not sure I'm thrilled with the fit. It's a little large and looks way better when it's belted. Also I was kind of sad to discover that it's material is cotton/linen and wrinkles SUPER easily. :( But oh well, it will be nice to wear over a swimsuit or on a scorching summer day. 

I wanted to show you all this darling photo I took of my cat Baby when she was snuggling with my the other day. I love her little talons sticking straight up in the air.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and enjoying your summer so far. I appreciate you stopping by. <3
xo Kristen