Saturday, May 28, 2011

Simply Be

Hi lovely followers. I hope you all can forgive me for my internet slacking and boring blog posts. This month has been full of pure craziness. The title of this entry is inspired by a 'meditation' application I installed on my iPhone, in which a woman with a droning, drugged out voice tells me in partially slurred words that everything is going to be alright and that 'I need to find comfortable position, close my eyes and to become well aware of what is going on inside of me.' This is supposed to be calming and soothing however, in midst of  planning a wedding I ask myself, what is going on inside of me? A bunch of weird sh*t, I think. Physiologically speaking: indigestion, chest pain, a weird neck hump that appears to be the result of a strained muscle... psychologically: thoughts of phones calls I need to make, people to add to the guest list, the repetitive sound of a cash register dinging. I'm finding myself succumbing to the typical stressors that people commonly report about when embarking on this task. 

Feeling a little bit like this crying guy below: 

To escape said stressors, I'm finding massive comfort in my fantasy world of cyber friends and fashion blogs. Recently, I've stumbled upon a darling girl who is my latest obsession. She just recently started her blog, 13 days ago to be exact, and she already has 100 + followers. She is incredibly gorgeous and makes me embarrassed of the pictures and content on my own blog. But oh well, at least I can live vicariously through her beauty, amazing writing skills and ethereal and enchanting forest backdrop comprising her gorgeous photography. Check out her blog, According to Annika, here.

Hope you all like my new bed cardigan. I snatched it up at a thrift store here in town that lets you trade in your own clothing for store credit. I love its puffy sleeves and lace detail on the shoulders. It kind of reminds me of Captain Hook, from peter pan. Yessss.

Love you all and appreciate you taking the time to stop by.



  1. I adore that cardigan so much! I love the texture mix with the skirt too. So lovely :)

  2. I love your cardi! It looks so romantic and chic! Great look!

  3. as if i didn't need to love your blog and your humor more, you go and post best cry ever. i think we need to become best friends, like, right now.


  4. Love your blouse and the whole outfit!!! I already check out your blog posts and adore your style!!!<3
    Thanx for your comment! I definetely follow you back, dear!!

  5. love the entire outfit and i've been feeling under the weather lately but you know there's always something good from something bad.

  6. Hi lover. =) Your shoes and cardigan are amazing. I just got an iphone like three days ago and I think I need that app with the droned out woman on drugs telling me to calm down. That sounds awesome. haha. Calm down and don't streessss! Oh and that blog that you just posted... Anika? I'm going to marry her... okay? Yes.

  7. OOHH pretty lady finally somethng new. I stop by and see if you are still here and sometimes you are not then I cry like that man AHAHAHAH i love this video its so epic. Seriously i mean if someone cried like that infront of me..i would cry WITH FREAKING LAUGHTER.
    love your lacie cardigan. kind of amazing!!!!!
    Also you asked what a grot was. I think its aussie slang. Grotty? Does that mean anything disgusting anyway is what i mean. HAHAHAHA x

  8. Ohhh... I was so worried what is happened to You. I'm happy You are back darling. But You make me worry. Try to enoy this all wedding preparation and all the things what is going on in your live. I know it sounds perhaps silly from me, but I You have to enjoy this time as you would enjoy other days and events. You are beautiful and happy lady, so let be it so!
    You look gorgeous and your adorable cardigan is so pretty!

    xoxo Ra

  9. Beautiful look!Love the cardi!It looks very romantic!xoxo

  10. Hi loves! Thank you for your sweet, sweet comments! Off to attack your blogs! <3

  11. That cardigan is so cute, love it!

    x Fashionfifth

  12. Lady if you dont reblog soon im going to cry like that man. Ill even post a video to prove it. hahhaha

  13. Try not to be to overwhelmed with wedding planning! Reach out to your loved ones, I'm sure they'd be happy to help! I love your yumper! you look like sunshine...