Sunday, May 22, 2011

Make up your mind

Hi friends! The weather has been so strange lately. This morning was overcast, then the afternoon cleared, birds were chirping, sun shining and now it's raining...again. Schizophrenic weather is not my cup of tea.  Oh well, at least we all survived the rapture, right?

Today my cousin and I snapped some photos for her incredibly beautiful specimen of a child named Rubye. Her 3rd Birthday is coming up soon and we thought we'd doll her up for her invites, give her some balloons to hold and a cupcake to smash in her face.

Unfortunately, mid-way through driving around to scout a location for our pictures, some mother-load monsoon type thunderclouds rolled in overhead. Apparently we are EVIL monster adults because this did not stop up and we made sweet Ruby pose in the rain while we huddled under the protection of an umbrella. She kept repeating the 'happy' mantra outloud to herself until we unleashed the most intense and beastly sugar treat on her. After proceeding to devour said cupcake and covering her teeth with bright pink frosting, Rubye declared that it was time for us to be quiet (we were singing happy Birthday to cheer her up) and that she wanted to go home to daddy.

Moral of the story is that sugar makes any rainy day somewhat tolerable.

Before: Poor Muffin

After: Much Better


  1. heyyy lover! These pictures are so cute and funnn! I love how you are in front of that intense turquoise wall with funky balloons and cupcakes and cute little girls. I likeeeeee.

  2. Awww she's so cute :) And you look gorgeous, fabulous combination!

  3. =))This was so funny. She looks so cute!Love your pics!You look great,as always!xoxo

  4. Beautiful pics...they remind me of Dior parfume campaign !!!

    hugs and kisses by Mani

  5. loveeeeeee this outfit gurl. its perfect and you could totally throw on some flip flops for a hot summer day. your cousin is adorable!


  6. you're beautiful and you've got amazing style !
    love this outfit !
    i love your blog !!i'm follow you !hope you will visite mine and follow me :)


  7. AHHHHHHHHHH RUBY IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! She certainly looks like shes enjoying that sugar treat but I love her sayin bequiet ahahha tahts brillliant.

    SEXY LEGS SEXY LEGS. you know I've missed your ass! loving the uber cute balloons too. Gosh you are a babe

  8. oh my goodness kristen, these are the cutest photos EVER, haha <3 the before/after photos! I love the sheer simplicity of your outfit here - white lace top, jean shorts, &heels always does the trick for a classy yet not overdone outfit! <3

    xx jordana

  9. Aww such a cute girl! I love your outfit, especially your top!


  10. awww Kristen, your comment was super sweet. thank you so much girl! and you are seriously so chic all thee time!! i loove the lace top with those shorts and of course your SHOES! :) and aaaww she is so adorbs! i love those two pics haha. so sad the weather is being so odd nowadays! it was super sunny yesterday and it rained here again today..and now it's sunny again? lol newhoo, hope ur having a great week so far girl! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  11. super cute outfit! that top is so pretty and i love the addition of the balloons!