Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest Thrift Finds

Hello my blogger loves! I wanted to share with you my latest finds from thrifting and Estate Sale shopping. My cousins Caitlin and Hannah are my lovely models and lucky for me, they are happy to work in exchange for a glass of wine and good music. 

I'm pretty much obsessed with this duo (not in a weird incestuous, way, just in a grateful that I have raddest-family-members-that-are-stuck-with-me-for-life sort of way.) Not only are they the most hilarious, warm and kind hearted people I know, they are drop dead gorgeous. (I mean come on, that's all that really matters, right?) Sarcasm, friends... totally kidding! 

 But I really do feel like the red headed step child while standing next to them. 

So I wanted to get feedback from the most stylish group of gals on the internets... that would be YOU all, dear readers! Let me know which threads you would wear and the items you aren't too fond of as I'll be listing your approved pieces in my Etsy store.

Hope you all are done with school and are enjoying the beginning of summer (weather is NASTY here, so I  haven't had the opportunity to do an outfit post outside.) Oops.

Anyhow, let me know what you think!

 <3 xoxo

Caitlin gets saucy with Chodey the perv Golden


  1. Wow...amazing finds!I can t even decide which one I like the most!And your cousins are great models!xoxo

  2. jskfjsekjeirje Every time I see thrifted finds I have a heart attack and need to go thrifting. Even though I just went yesterday and posted my finds. You found those gorgeous skirts??? Dying. Those skirts are dead sexy... look at that purple. Also, these pictures came out slammin. Your cousins are hotties.

  3. You have such a good eye for this stuff! So fab.

  4. You're cousins really rock! ;) Love all the looks, the purple skirt is really eyecatching!

  5. O M G, I need to barrow that white dress for Vegas! Great finds Kiki, your cousins look great!
    miss you, xo

  6. Great finds hun seriously im so jealous of the op shops near you. BOOOOO! I want your op shops.

    Isnt it funny how we Percieve ourselves right...you feel like the and I quote "Red Headed Step Child" when you are with them....obviously nobody else thinks tat but I do understand the feeling...if that made sense. My two cousisn Rachel and Anna. OH GOSH!!!! I love them so much gorgeous girls inside and out and Im like OOHHH man I feel like such a loser next to them. But they dont make me feel like that at all.S OOOO LOVe to have good family members. I am dribbling a bit. Kissees youa re a baBeeeeee x