Friday, May 13, 2011

Flower Child

Wow. Yet another LAME post title. Sorry loves, my brain isn't functioning properly anymore as school has ended and the weather's been clear and sunny. I feel like someone has taken a pin to my head and deflated all the air... or brain cells... wait never mind, this isn't making sense... moving on.

So I've been staying at my dad's place for the past week house/doggy sitting. It has been super relaxing to have the whole house to myself. I can walk around and eat cereal in my underwear and sing loudly to myself in the bathroom (think Silence of the Lambs scene where the dude is putting on lipstick...just kidding. That's not funny.) I've also been catching up on TV shows and laying around like the laziest fool. Kind of gross, I know. 

I hope you all like my new skirt. I bought it from a local boutique called Koo de Ker. The owner was so sweet and helped me decide on some new threads for my engagement photos (scheduled for tomorrow...YIKES!) Normally I have no problem deciding what to wear, but all of the sudden I find myself freezing up thinking about the wide range of people these photos will reach.

 I don't want to wear anything too edgy/trendy for the fear that in ten years I will look back and think "Oh wow, that is a HEINOUS romper/maxi skirt" but at the same time I don't want anything boring and nun-like because well, no one wants to look like a nun. 

Guess I'll just have to pull out the old, trusty, crotchless, red pleather jumpsuit.

On another note, I had some vintage family photos enlarged the other day. The one of my Grandma and great Grandma on the Tijuana float is my personal favorite. <3


  1. The old, trusty, crotchless, red pleather jumpsuit sounds like a winner to me =) xx

  2. I love the floral print:)

  3. Love the skirt!!!!!so cooooool!! look awesome!

  4. I love your skirt, very nice!!! :)

    xo Emma

  5. Just look at our blood line! No wonder we are so cool!

  6. I have no stopped by in a while and Im horrible!! do you still love me. I LOVE that SKIRT..are you serious so exciting!!! Oh you know about your engagement photos. wear what you like now because you might look back at this horrid jumpsuit that people are laughing at then but thats how it was. Seriously express yourself. If the outfits gross in so many years. Just laugh at thethings we used to wear..but knowing fashion your kids will be like..OH MUM WHY DIDNT YOU SAVE THAT FOR ME. ;)

    LOVE your old pictures. they are fabulous. I have this old picture of my mum when shes 3 and im obsessed with it. She is a little fat baby and is making this grumpy face..she still makes that face now. HAHAHA kisses hot stuff