Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windblown Burnout

Wearing my new thrifted burnout blouse

Hi friends. So every now and then I like to give my boyfriend a present called 'the emotional break down.' Well, it's not really a present, more like a 'Oh man, what now?' sort of thing, but really, he's pretty much the best listener around and the only person who I can just spill my guts to. He doesn't mind when I start doing the wailing cry, you know the one where you  make the ugly face and drool/snot shows up in the picture. Not cute or attractive in the slightest. Sometimes the best thing someone can do for you when you're down is to just sit and listen. And that's what he does, every time. Then he asks me if I want a treat and takes me to get ice, makes me a grilled cheese, etc. I'm like a dog, easily motivated and distracted by food.

Anyhow, after wiping the mascara streams off my face (I didn't want to scare anyone with my psycho clown face,) I proceeded to purchase some lovely flowers at Whole Foods for a quick pick-me-up. Flowers,'Tired Old Ass" bath salts and a fat Kombucha are the perfect remedy for a day gone sour.

So here, my friends, is my photoshoot of things that cheer me up on a sad rainy day. <3

Oh! And to Kathleen from McMarmalade, thanks for tagging me in the stylish blogger award! I will have all my answers ready for my next post. <3<3 And girl I knew you were skin obsessed because your complexion is PERFECTION. Almost ethereal.

This is Baby, the cat. She is my sweet Baboon.

If you use my images without asking first, I will have to hunt chu down and keeeeeeell you!


  1. Hope you is okay :) You look gorgeous and your boyfie sounds perfect.

    OHH YOUR CAT I never seen your cat. I always get excited over cats...(crazy cat lady) Shes sooo cute...I LOVE HER FACE. i MEAN seriously what an expression. They are such funny creatures. So much better than dogs.

    cheer up lady :) Hope you are feeling okay xoox

  2. love the flowers. haha! i miss having a boyfriend. LOL!

  3. gorgeous pics Kiki! hope you are feeling better, I'm glad Wally is a good listener, love you muffin ❤

  4. oh my gosh! your cat looks half human!

    I am having a Free People give-away on my blog if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

  5. Hi Kristen!I m following you, too, of course!Love your style!You are very beautiful!Love this look!Ah, and your cat is sooo cute:x:x:x I have one, too!Kisses

  6. Great pics! Love your outfit and stripes! Follow you) follow me?

  7. You are such a sweetie! BTW my obsession with skincare stems from my repeated failure with hair styling, (I can't wield a blow dryer to save my life). And your kitty is the cutest - I'm smitten! :)