Monday, April 11, 2011

'Starlet or Streetwalker?'

Hello friends, new followers and existing, I hope you had a glorious weekend! Mine seemed to just slip through my hands... as weekends normally do. My days off were filled with wonderful friends, more snow and numerous trips to the recently opened Del Taco downtown. (This is a big deal everyone, okay?) 

I think at this point I've consumed about a wheelbarrow full of Tacos Del Carbon and I am not one bit ashamed.

Today, I attended my lovely (sarcasm) three hour Art History course. I can't tell you how much I adore having to go to class when the weather decides to become ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! While walking in the direction of the giant turd-like silhouette of my classroom building, the warmth of the vibrant morning sun and the cool, crisp morning air encompassed my still half-sleeping body.

About halfway to the door, after sufficient exposure to the pleasurable sounds of laughter in the courtyard and the precious chirping of little birdies, I was on the brink of slamming down my books and running in the opposite direction of school, laughing madly with a middle finger extending behind my back.

Alas, my fantasy did not come true. And I, like every other sorry soul in the building, proceeded to make my way robotically through the day.

But at least I suffered stylishly in my thrifted Leopard Kimono. You gotta be careful what you pair this thing with. Easy to end up looking like a streetwalker, hence the Fashion Police reference. <3

This is called the 'Mr. Burns Limp Wrist' move. It comes out when
I get really excited... and it needs to stop.

If you use my images without asking first, I will have to hunt chu down and keeeeeeell you!


  1. Your posts crack me up - I love the way you write! It's so entertaining AND this kimono is amazing! You're so lucky you can find stuff like this & the floral one you were wearing in your previous post! Jealous!! x

  2. Luvit!!!!!!! so chic and stylish!

  3. OH MY GOD! you are amazing seriously...Turd Like Silhouette HAHAHAHAHA i think I died from laughter and even weed a little bit..OKAY a whole lot. There is no hint of streetwalker happening JUST A WHOLE BUCKET LOAD OF HOT WENCH!!!! Love that leo kimoni and I will fly to you and steal it..but first have hangs and photos for chictopia..THEN Run off into the sunset with it.

    :) kisses HAHAHA

    oh love how you loved the auto tune. MAN i love that kid..i musta watched it a million times..and i saw that lady too...back it up HA.

  4. Oh i should have an amazing smile..sounds so cheesey but that smile makes me actually smile infront of the laptop...I think Im in love! xxoxoxoxox

  5. Kristen...I found your blog via chictopia and I am your newest follower...I really love this outfit...the shorts are divine

  6. lovely outfit, I love the wedges with your scarf cardigan!! so spring like :)

  7. i love every item in this outfit. the shorts are tdf! i can't look as cool as you when i wear those since i have bigger thighs. sucks to be me. LOL!

  8. i love your leopard kimono, so chic! and of course the way you write is so amusing!!!