Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snakes and Halos

Hi friends! So I know the first photo is totally as sappy as can be but it really was the best out of the ones we took. The weather was terrible/bad lighting/dumping snow and my poor boyfriend was swearing at the camera because the flash wouldn't trigger. It made me laugh to think of how silly we looked on the sidewalk. 

Anyhow, I found these snakeskin patterned leggings while thrifting and thought they'd look saucy paired with chambray and chiffon. :)

To my sweet blog followers -  you are all so marvelously fashionable and chic and I totally appreciate your comments and cyber love.  Y'all are the BEST!!! 

Oh and guess what? I FOUND SOME KILLER ITEMS THRIFTING TONIGHT. Like, I scored big-time. Will update you with the new goods in my next post but until then, here's a teaser.

Picture this ^ vintage floral print on harem trousers.
Yup. Amazing.
On an unrelated note,
...and these. <3 

xo Kristen


  1. First thosse shoes are amazing!! I want want want. THEN you say those photos are sappy but I love them..That laughing one is great. You are such a natural person :)

    then Im going to come visit you and steal those FLORAL HAREM PANTS. seriously.. so good and I've only seen the print. So basically you have to show them now before I die of anticipation x Followed x

  2. Roshi - you are fab and thank you for the comment. You will seriously DIE when you see these things. They are fan-fricken-tastic. I seriously peed a little when I saw them!! xoxo Kristen

  3. I love your shoes and pants!! :)

    I feel the same! I want my own pair of Lita's!

  4. Ohmygod I love the fact that you said you peed a little when you saw them. HAHAHAH <3

  5. the color of those lita is sooo great!
    now i need them!!