Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hammer Time

Hi loveliest friends and followers! So it's down the the wire at school and I have to get my act in gear. I am pretty bummed about the art work that I chose for my final presentation in my Art Since 1970's class. It's on this 65 min video (killllll me!!!) made by the artist Simon Leung and his work is full of, for lack of better words, weird sh*t. When I say weird sh*t I mean actors assuming odd/creepy poses while green-screened against swirling psychedelic shots of random landscapes, found objects, while strange echoey-screaming audio loops in the background. Awesome. 

I guess I should have known better than to choose a video attempting to link Edgar Allan Poe with Robert Smithson. Gag me.

I hate to sound so negative but it's been really difficult for me, after a semester long of studying classical art, to look at works done by some, in my humble opinion, major douches. I'm pretty sure that da Vinci, Massacio, Ghiberti and Donatello are all turning over in their graves when they look down from artsy heaven and see these self obsessed pricks calling their creations 'art.' 

Now please don't send me any hate mail if you're into this stuff i.e. earthworks, performance art, etc. I don't think I'll ever be convinced that this stuff is 'groundbreaking' or in the slightest bit cool.

Anyhow, sorry for the rant. Do you all remember the cute floral bed cardigan that I wore a few posts back? Well these are the matching pants that came with it. I really, really love their flowy comfiness. Only thing is that they are slightly sheer so I have to make sure the privates are fully concealed...unless I'm feeling really flirty.

He hates in when I post photos of him but isn't he just like majorly studly? Eeeeeee.



  1. love it, you look amazing. I love you boo, will be needing a lot more of you in my life, the winds of change are a coming...

  2. Oh...I absolutely love these pics!Love your pants and your everything!Kisses

  3. hahahah i dont get that art crap either. it seems as though nowadays anything can be considered art-one time my brother and i were at an art exhibit and there was literally a blank canvas with a stick figure dog priced for $500. anyways, i love your outfit :) it looks super comfy and casual but still chic. i saw your comment on my blog about the photos. its a somewhat long process so ill email you the steps on how to get your photos like that!

    whoa, possibly the longest comment ive ever post ahaha but i love your blog! keep up the amazing posts!

  4. OMGEEEEEEE, I need those shoes in my life ASAP. Great outfit. Sorry school is such a pain in the business right now. It sounds like you need some hard liquor in your near future.



  5. This is wonderful, those pants are stunning, as is the blazer!

  6. You both are gorgeous couple!
    You already know how much I like your style! Absolutely fantastic!
    I love when people have strong opinion.
    Great blog hun! You have so an amazing sense of style and it's shows up in blog!

    Thank You very much for visiting my blog and leaving so lovely comment I soo apreciate it!

    xoxo Ra

  7. Fantastic pics! You are really great couple!

  8. this is so cute! love your romper and looks like you had so much fun! :)

    stumbled upon your blog and followed you ;)

  9. gorgeous photos and i had to lol about the sheer top and getting flirty. XD

  10. FIRST those pants are amazing!!!! OHMYGOD I am dying from actual when you send your care package. I WANT THOSE PANTS ahhahahah. God you are a freaking babe!!!!

    and you and you mans are SOOOO lovely together :)

    And yes...I mean Im not really an artistic type or follow art but my friend showed me this video of some girl drinking milk then spewing it and it was some like.oh okay! So next time I eat Mcdonalds...and I wont finish this sentence :)

    You are a babe. Im still here. :) will do something tonight.


  11. You are so pretty!! I love the outfits