Friday, April 15, 2011

Forward Moving

Wear Red Hope for Japan on Chictopia

Hi Friends. So this entry is a short one but I wanted to participate in this contest for it's incredible cause. I liked explaining to people why I had on my giant 'big red' skirt. I am also wearing a Bracelet from Etsy that I purchased from a store called "Top Knotch Gear." Each bracelet runs around $5.00 and all proceeds go to the Japan Disaster Relief via American Red Cross. Through the sales of their bracelets they've donated $3,717 in just two weeks. Here is a link to their shop

One other thing - I am pretty excited to be featured in Bliminal Magazine's street style section. They are an upcoming Magazine from the UK, Check out their site!  
(Luckily, they won't have the images of me riding my magic broomstick.)
Whoa... sorry if this post just got totally boring. I promise I'll do something exciting in the next one, like some jumping jacks or back flips. :) 

<3 to my followers. I really appreciate you taking the time to read/look.

I think I look like the 'I hate sunshine lady' from 
Sword in the Stone in this one. 
I'm sorry, this is inappropriate.


  1. Gorgeous skirt and top!Love this look!xoox

  2. First things first..LOVE the skirt..its gorgeous and those shoes are kind of amazing and I am DYING with jealousy. Of the shoes for two reasons. I want them and I wana be on your feet...HAHAHA how odd does that sound.

    Your smile i swear to god..ITS GORGEOUS bam!!! You look so bright and sparkly and fabu and perfect when you smile I LOVE SMILES can you tell?

    I hate sunshine idea but I LOVE HER YOUR FACE IS HHAPPY MANIC. heaven please.

    p.s I see this on chictopia but the page doesnt work for me..its kinda ananoying coz i really wana leave you stalker like comments and freak you out and possibly everyone else. so be patient I will freak you out soon

  3. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT ahhaah i love it so much im writing in caps! its adorable and simple and amazing. these photos are beautiful, the lighting is perfect. im your newest follower :)


  4. the red maxi skirt is adorable.
    love the look.

  5. I love this with the sun in the background, the outfit is so gorgeous! :)

    xo Lynzy

  6. congrats with the feature! i have yet to participate with chictopia's japan aid.

    i really covet those shoes of yours. it doesn't hurt? found a similar one sold here in a local store. was thinking of buying myself one.

  7. absolutely stunning! New follower here! =)