Monday, April 18, 2011


Please excuse the HUMONGO bruise on my shin. I whacked my leg
while opening my car door the other day and hunched over in pain,
making the car next to me feel highly awkward.

Hi Friends!! It's been a few days and I've missed you all. School has had a death grip on my soul and it's been killing me. The worst part is that I'm in a Hybrid course for my Spanish class which means that I'm supposed to do half the work online. This also means that while I wait for assignment pages to load, I find myself wandering over to your blogs, Chictopia, online shopping, etc. and becoming highly distracted and ADHD like. It's like an alcoholic in a liquor store, or an obese child in candy land. I can't resist my internet temptations.

Loser trying to be a model. 
Do you like my neck wrinkles?
So Walter (boyfriend) and I went on a thrifting binge last Friday. We were shopping/trying on clothes for seriously 3.5 hours and it was EXHAUSTING. I think my addiction to thrift shopping is worsening because when I'm not there, I am tormented by thoughts of someone else taking all the fabulous finds that I am potentially missing out on. IT DRIVES ME INSANE. As these post pictures describe, Walter found some..well, interesting items.

After modeling for me several very disturbing pairs of old man LEVIS from the 1990's (you know the high-waisted, sinched ankle, choking out ass type) and me refusing his attempts to convince me that they looked cool, he settled on the finds pictured below. Sometimes I wonder what goes through this man's head. When I asked what about this 'clock' appealed to him he simply answered, "Five Minutes to Midnight, baby.

I have no clue what this means. But, I love him and find these strange attractions of his highly endearing and flat out adorable. 

Sadly for him this clock will NOT be displayed on the mantle of our new place, nor will the commitment poster be hung above the bathroom toilet.  Oh yeah, after 5 years of being together, we are finally moving out together in about a month. 

So exciting! More on that later. :)

Btw - to the adorable Kathleen from McMarmalade. I am working on my questions. I promise! <3

 A friend showed me this sexy sax man video other day. Thank you, Emily for the intro to this hilariousness. 


  1. love your outfit, and you could totally model :) ahah werk it gurl. also the sexy sax man is sooo funny ahahahah i cant stop laughing at it


  2. Hi Dearie! Thanks for commenting. Isn't the sexy sax man a hoot? I LOVE HIM! Heading over to your blog. xoxo

  3. love the entire outfit. haha! i feel the same. if i do some serious work online, i pause and check other non-working sites. le sigh.

  4. Oooohhh WHAT!!! That man is a sex bomb..seriously!! I think i found my soulmate..soooogive him to me now kthnx.

    Why did you not give us piccies of your boyfie in those horrible man levis.that would have been brilliant!!!!!

    AND THE BEES MAKE ME LAUGH you are insane..AND i LOVE IT!!!! hhahahah agreat you made me laugh so much x

    plus that poster is amazing

  5. Bee montage=Brilliant
    I'm staying up late determining what path I want to take with my life, and your blog is helping calm my fanatic nerves.
    Luv u!

  6. You look awesome! Love how you write too!
    and my..that's a "fat" bee:))

    Glad to find your blog too (know you from chictopia)

  7. You are seriously stunning!! I'm so glad you checked out my blog! This outfit is killer! :)

  8. you are so beautiful, i adore this outfit!

  9. Ahhh, where would us bloggers be without the boyfriend? Probably with a tripod, but that's no fun. I can only shop with Mickey when it's non urgent and I'm feeling CHILL. Also, don't worry about your questions girl. I took forever to come up with mine - it's harder than it sounds. Good luck with school - you've got the lookin' gorgeous thing down. ;)

  10. ahhh I'm not the only one who obsesses over thrifting lol and your hilarious.. the bee photos. anyway i lovveee your outfit :)