Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why I'm Smiling

Hi my blogger loves - (a special hello to the new followers too.) Something big happened yesterday... and no it wasn't the arrival of my new Jeffrey Campbells. 

He proposed. 

 My poor little heart nearly shot out of my chest while that roller-coasting-ride feeling came over me in a flash.

Luckily, I didn't pass out and was able to make it through his speech without making the ugly cry.

The details of this intensely emotional day I will keep safe in my heart, but I wanted to provide you all with a photo montage of our little engagement outing. 

I am so excited to be marrying my love, my confidant - a dreamy stud who makes my heart skip a beat with a simple glance, one who totally matches me on the goofiness scale and makes me laugh until my stomach aches.

I love you best friend. You mean more to me than you'll ever know.

Walter keeps referring to this as the "just to get the ball rolling" ring. It's my baby bling. <3

Bad idea to walk in some quicksand with these things on.

In the fast lane now bayyy beeee. Woot wooooooot.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sway Me Like the Sea

Wearing my new Chiffon skirt from American Apparel

Hey friends! (play cute song at bottom) I've been so bummed that I haven't able to give little bloggy blog here the love and affection it deserves. I promise I will soon be BOMBARDING you all with posts EVERYDAY when school is over! One week and counting! I have some fabulous plans for this bloggity blog and one idea that has manifested involves a 'Utah Street Style, - (does that even exist?) video segment and me interacting with and interviewing scary male strangers. TRUST ME - it's going to be HILARIOUS!

So I will leave this post brief and to the point as I have to return to studying but I thought I'd leave you all with a little cliffhanger....

Can anyone guess why I am smiling? :)

On a final note, here is some interior design eye-candy for you. I am OBSESSED with this residence designed by Domicile Interior Design. I need my new apartment to look like this!

image link

image link
image link

image link

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Wasn't our table setting AMAZING and hilarious?
My stepmom outdid herself. :)
Hello my chicky birds! I hope you've had a marvelous Easter - I know I did! First and foremost I want to apologize for my absence -  I've been preparing for a presentation on the video I mentioned in my earlier post and I should be done with my five minute speech by tomorrow around noonish (so wish me luck.) I really LOATHE public speaking and I am praying that I don't drool on myself, start to stutter mid sentence or shout out random swear words (like tourettes outburst style)  in front of my classmates. I'm sure that would be a very uncomfortable experience for all of us so I hope it goes down smoothly. 
This is my 'I'm really excited about this Mimosa' face. Aren't Walt's younger brothers just the cutest?
Aside from studying  this weekend I was able to catch up with my amazeballs friend, Kailey, who was back in town for a brief visit (she now lives in Cali - sad face.) We met while serving at a local sushi restaurant about a year ago and bonded immediately over serving male douche bags and evil restaurant goers. One time, while Kailey and myself were working together, I ended up serving this massive jerk (and I mean the most awfully rude man) during the lunch shift.  

He threw a giant temper tantrum over something insignificant. I think he meant to order something vegan and became infuriated when the dish I brought him (aka the dish he ordered) had some form of animal bi-product in it. His complaint had no validity as the menu clearly stated all the ingredients and he was angry at me for not being a magical mind reader, aka not knowing that he was a beautiful, earth loving vegan angel the moment he walked through the doors. (No offence to my vegan readers, I think you are all wonderful and respect your novel dietary choices.) But this guy was straight up crazy, vegan or not.

Long story short he ended up screaming at me (and the manager) in front of everyone in the restaurant and I proceeded to have my first server break-down in the back office after his drama show. In the midst of her boxing up his food, Kailey stuck her head through the door while tears/snot streamed down my face and she was grinning ear to ear.

"Kristen," she said, "Don't even worry. I got your back."
"What do you mean?" I asked her.
"Let's just say Guido face is getting a spitball surprise on his take out roll." She explained while making a spitting gesture and a swirling motion with her finger. "I mixed it in really well," she said laughing.
I can't tell you the sense of retribution I felt through her dirty little act. It had been a horrid day and this jerk was just the icing on the cake.

Now, I do not condone spitting in food (and neither does Kailey) but if you are the type of restaurant goer who likes to yell at servers, frighten other patrons in the restaurant, then don't be surprised if you get an extra 'treat' in your take out.

Anyhow, that is my story of Kailey and only one reason for why she is the coolest and I thought I'd share it with you all.

On a final note, I want to give a 'shout out' to my blogger girlfriend, Sarah aka Roshi from Whimsical Delights She is one of the rare stylish girls out there who also happens to be AMAZINGLY FUNNY! There is an irresistible air of self deprecation in her writing/posts that I find to be just pure perfection. You ought to check her site out.

Here is a totally, random, unrelated photo of my cat, Pickles, in our fridge.

Okay bye for now followers! Hope you have a fabulous week! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hammer Time

Hi loveliest friends and followers! So it's down the the wire at school and I have to get my act in gear. I am pretty bummed about the art work that I chose for my final presentation in my Art Since 1970's class. It's on this 65 min video (killllll me!!!) made by the artist Simon Leung and his work is full of, for lack of better words, weird sh*t. When I say weird sh*t I mean actors assuming odd/creepy poses while green-screened against swirling psychedelic shots of random landscapes, found objects, while strange echoey-screaming audio loops in the background. Awesome. 

I guess I should have known better than to choose a video attempting to link Edgar Allan Poe with Robert Smithson. Gag me.

I hate to sound so negative but it's been really difficult for me, after a semester long of studying classical art, to look at works done by some, in my humble opinion, major douches. I'm pretty sure that da Vinci, Massacio, Ghiberti and Donatello are all turning over in their graves when they look down from artsy heaven and see these self obsessed pricks calling their creations 'art.' 

Now please don't send me any hate mail if you're into this stuff i.e. earthworks, performance art, etc. I don't think I'll ever be convinced that this stuff is 'groundbreaking' or in the slightest bit cool.

Anyhow, sorry for the rant. Do you all remember the cute floral bed cardigan that I wore a few posts back? Well these are the matching pants that came with it. I really, really love their flowy comfiness. Only thing is that they are slightly sheer so I have to make sure the privates are fully concealed...unless I'm feeling really flirty.

He hates in when I post photos of him but isn't he just like majorly studly? Eeeeeee.


Monday, April 18, 2011


Please excuse the HUMONGO bruise on my shin. I whacked my leg
while opening my car door the other day and hunched over in pain,
making the car next to me feel highly awkward.

Hi Friends!! It's been a few days and I've missed you all. School has had a death grip on my soul and it's been killing me. The worst part is that I'm in a Hybrid course for my Spanish class which means that I'm supposed to do half the work online. This also means that while I wait for assignment pages to load, I find myself wandering over to your blogs, Chictopia, online shopping, etc. and becoming highly distracted and ADHD like. It's like an alcoholic in a liquor store, or an obese child in candy land. I can't resist my internet temptations.

Loser trying to be a model. 
Do you like my neck wrinkles?
So Walter (boyfriend) and I went on a thrifting binge last Friday. We were shopping/trying on clothes for seriously 3.5 hours and it was EXHAUSTING. I think my addiction to thrift shopping is worsening because when I'm not there, I am tormented by thoughts of someone else taking all the fabulous finds that I am potentially missing out on. IT DRIVES ME INSANE. As these post pictures describe, Walter found some..well, interesting items.

After modeling for me several very disturbing pairs of old man LEVIS from the 1990's (you know the high-waisted, sinched ankle, choking out ass type) and me refusing his attempts to convince me that they looked cool, he settled on the finds pictured below. Sometimes I wonder what goes through this man's head. When I asked what about this 'clock' appealed to him he simply answered, "Five Minutes to Midnight, baby.

I have no clue what this means. But, I love him and find these strange attractions of his highly endearing and flat out adorable. 

Sadly for him this clock will NOT be displayed on the mantle of our new place, nor will the commitment poster be hung above the bathroom toilet.  Oh yeah, after 5 years of being together, we are finally moving out together in about a month. 

So exciting! More on that later. :)

Btw - to the adorable Kathleen from McMarmalade. I am working on my questions. I promise! <3

 A friend showed me this sexy sax man video other day. Thank you, Emily for the intro to this hilariousness. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Forward Moving

Wear Red Hope for Japan on Chictopia

Hi Friends. So this entry is a short one but I wanted to participate in this contest for it's incredible cause. I liked explaining to people why I had on my giant 'big red' skirt. I am also wearing a Bracelet from Etsy that I purchased from a store called "Top Knotch Gear." Each bracelet runs around $5.00 and all proceeds go to the Japan Disaster Relief via American Red Cross. Through the sales of their bracelets they've donated $3,717 in just two weeks. Here is a link to their shop

One other thing - I am pretty excited to be featured in Bliminal Magazine's street style section. They are an upcoming Magazine from the UK, Check out their site!  
(Luckily, they won't have the images of me riding my magic broomstick.)
Whoa... sorry if this post just got totally boring. I promise I'll do something exciting in the next one, like some jumping jacks or back flips. :) 

<3 to my followers. I really appreciate you taking the time to read/look.

I think I look like the 'I hate sunshine lady' from 
Sword in the Stone in this one. 
I'm sorry, this is inappropriate.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windblown Burnout

Wearing my new thrifted burnout blouse

Hi friends. So every now and then I like to give my boyfriend a present called 'the emotional break down.' Well, it's not really a present, more like a 'Oh man, what now?' sort of thing, but really, he's pretty much the best listener around and the only person who I can just spill my guts to. He doesn't mind when I start doing the wailing cry, you know the one where you  make the ugly face and drool/snot shows up in the picture. Not cute or attractive in the slightest. Sometimes the best thing someone can do for you when you're down is to just sit and listen. And that's what he does, every time. Then he asks me if I want a treat and takes me to get ice, makes me a grilled cheese, etc. I'm like a dog, easily motivated and distracted by food.

Anyhow, after wiping the mascara streams off my face (I didn't want to scare anyone with my psycho clown face,) I proceeded to purchase some lovely flowers at Whole Foods for a quick pick-me-up. Flowers,'Tired Old Ass" bath salts and a fat Kombucha are the perfect remedy for a day gone sour.

So here, my friends, is my photoshoot of things that cheer me up on a sad rainy day. <3

Oh! And to Kathleen from McMarmalade, thanks for tagging me in the stylish blogger award! I will have all my answers ready for my next post. <3<3 And girl I knew you were skin obsessed because your complexion is PERFECTION. Almost ethereal.

This is Baby, the cat. She is my sweet Baboon.

If you use my images without asking first, I will have to hunt chu down and keeeeeeell you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

'Starlet or Streetwalker?'

Hello friends, new followers and existing, I hope you had a glorious weekend! Mine seemed to just slip through my hands... as weekends normally do. My days off were filled with wonderful friends, more snow and numerous trips to the recently opened Del Taco downtown. (This is a big deal everyone, okay?) 

I think at this point I've consumed about a wheelbarrow full of Tacos Del Carbon and I am not one bit ashamed.

Today, I attended my lovely (sarcasm) three hour Art History course. I can't tell you how much I adore having to go to class when the weather decides to become ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! While walking in the direction of the giant turd-like silhouette of my classroom building, the warmth of the vibrant morning sun and the cool, crisp morning air encompassed my still half-sleeping body.

About halfway to the door, after sufficient exposure to the pleasurable sounds of laughter in the courtyard and the precious chirping of little birdies, I was on the brink of slamming down my books and running in the opposite direction of school, laughing madly with a middle finger extending behind my back.

Alas, my fantasy did not come true. And I, like every other sorry soul in the building, proceeded to make my way robotically through the day.

But at least I suffered stylishly in my thrifted Leopard Kimono. You gotta be careful what you pair this thing with. Easy to end up looking like a streetwalker, hence the Fashion Police reference. <3

This is called the 'Mr. Burns Limp Wrist' move. It comes out when
I get really excited... and it needs to stop.

If you use my images without asking first, I will have to hunt chu down and keeeeeeell you!