Friday, March 25, 2011

Lazy Rainy Day

Hi Friends! Today was a lazy, lazy day. Woke up with my boo, had some coffee then went exploring/taking photos near a giant junk yard and found this massive storage container unit that has been converted into portable housing. I work in the same building as an architect who sent some of these units to Haiti after the Earthquake. They are insulated/weather/disaster proof and contain a toilet and a water filtration system. PRETTY SWEEEEEET!

Anyway, my new Drape pants from NastyGal came and I love them, except for the fact that they were a tad larger than I hoped they would be. Oh well. I still like them. Do you?

Thanks to my precious intern, Emily, who was soooooo sweet to buy me a NastyGal gift card. What a girl for feeding my addiction to their store. 


  1. LOVE your trousers, perfect colour!:)

  2. I found your blog through chictopia and love your blog and your chictopia pictures! I now follow your blog:)

  3. Thank you for the comments!! Tori - I absolutely love new followers! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet compliments. <3 Kristen

  4. You look really pretty in the mirror/camera photo =)

  5. Ughhh you are kind of a mega babe!! that first picture of you im like WHOOAA The picture of you with the camera is super cute too... You know what I think I like might be obsessed with you because you write hyperactive comments like me!! you make me wierd molester HAHAHA.

    Oh I saw a guy today with a tshirt that said internet you ;)

    JOKING!! and also that dress actually IS dahlia just purchased on asos so good eyes missy x