Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ladies, I know ya Feeeeel me!

You know those days where you go to your closet and CAN'T.FIND.ANYTHING to wear??? Well I hate those days and they seem to be happening to me a lot lately even though I know I've been consistently contributing new items to the pile that is my closet. 

The worst part is when you finally sift through all the layers of clothing and find that skirt/blouse/blazer that you bought several weeks ago and could have worn (for that special occasion/night you were desperately searching for something out of the ordinary) but you didn't wear the deeyamn thing because you forgot about it!! ANGER!!!!

I know I probably sound like I need to attend the next shopperholic's anonymous meeting but I justify my frequent shopping binges with the fact that the pieces I buy are all thrifted and paid for with practically pennies.

Anyhow, this rant leads to my decision to'digitize' my closet. Which is essentially photographing every single piece in your closet and uploading each to your comp. Psycho, OCD right? Totally Cher from Clueless style, right? But I'm telling you people, I refuse to be deprived of all the adorable items that have been hiding in my closet. In all seriousness it does makes it easier to come up with different clothing combos that you normally wouldn't think of. 

So take a stand with me and get your CLOSET in your COMPUTER!! (But only if you have several hours/nothing better to do and you're bored on spring break. AWESOME.:)

On a totally unrelated note, my boyfriend and I ate the most fabulously delicious hot dogs the other day from this dive on Main Street. Mmmmm delicious. 


Tasty treat

Where else are you going to find a blog about fashion and hot dogs?


  1. You and your BF are so cute! That hot dog looks like a work of art if I may say so. Love your blog. Following ;)


  2. I feel like licking the screen that hotdog looks sooo freaking delissshhhhhhhhhusssss ahaha OH your bfs face...his mouth is gone almost, like that story from the twilight zone movie! You know the creepy little boy who removed his sisters mouth coz she wouldnt shut up!! ahah but his isnt gone..just mid action.

    YUM. (im sorry for the weirdddddd comment. lol your bf is a cutie who enjoys hot dogs and you are a babeing girl who loves amazing clothes and hotdogs.