Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cobwebs and Rust

My entire outfit is thrifted with the exception of F21 shoes.

Hi friends. Yesterday was another lazy, lazy day. After a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict and coffee my boyfriend and I went on yet another excursion downtown. We were driving and came across this humongo two story bus in a giant empty lot that was completely worn down, weathered and oh so intriguing. I climbed up to the second level (the stairs were on the verge of snapping) and was totally expecting to find either a dead body or someone camped out on one of the rows of seats but luckily it was just me and some serious cobwebs. 

This past week has been super relaxing and sadly today marks the end of 'Spring Break.' Tomorrow its back to the grind with school and work. Major bummer. 

At the very least, I'm soooo excited for my trip to the Gem Fair this afternoon. Wahhahahahahooo! I can't wait to find some glorious geodes to bedazzle my digits with. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous and productive week. <3

Obsessed with this Spring's color blocking trend.

Old Bussie Bus
Eeeeeeeeee! Scary!!!

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  1. Love this whole look! ..especially love your shoes! :)