Monday, December 12, 2011

1. Messeca - Coraline Velvet Wedge in Burgundy: $169.95,
2. Alexander Wang - Marion Bag in Azure: $650.00,
3. Karen Walker - Patsy Sunglasses: $180.00,
4. Rebecca Minkoff - Anja Two Tone Fur Jacket: $1898.00,
5. Paperself - Faux Paper Lashes: $19.00,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Close Encounters

I hope all of you enjoyed your freedom this weekend. It's pretty unlikely that you had less fun than I did as I spent the entirety of my weekend at a religious retreat called 'Engaged Encounter' or as my fiance likes to call it, 'Encounters with the Turd kind.'  In a nutshell, this marriage preparation encourages couples to discuss before they get hitched, the controversial topics/hot spots that are commonly known to cause bumps in the marital path. Super FUN things like finances, values, kids, in-laws , etc. Since my fiance is Catholic, we knew this would be on our list of pre-wedding 'to do's'. 

I know the turd comment is a little crass but really, after 12 hours of writing in journals, covering issues we've hammered through countless times in our relationship, we felt pretty emotionally vacant. To my surprise, the whole experience wasn't that bad and aside from the poor sweet lady who wouldn't stop crying during the meetings and the couple who engaged in some strange sounding 'couples bonding' in the room next to us, we found that our values regarding marriage were actually strengthened and reinforced. I'm glad we went through it together, but even happier that we will never have to do it again.

On another note....

I have been so intrigued with the fact that color blocking has continued into the winter season. I'm freakishly giddy over the unusual combinations of eye-popping citron, coral and violet/blue hues with the more toned down rust, forest green and berry colors traditionally seen this time of year. 

I found this maroon knit cardi while shopping at H&M's opening VIP party and decided that it would look glorious with my favorite salmon colored button down. 

Hope all of you are faboowus.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I had a blast hosting the contest for the H&M Grand Opening Pre party at Fashion Place. It was even more fun to meet the contest winners who attended the party last night - you were all so beautiful, kind and thhhuper stylithh (of course.) I think all of us can agree that the best possible way to bond is over shopping and cocktails.

Thanks to those who entered! 

Here are my top picks selected from the winning submissions in no particular order: 
Now this girl can WRITE! I read this to my friends in the car ride over and it had everyone in stitches. Allie, I don't know you but I think I'm in love! ;)

Everyone rejoice, for Brittanee was finally able to use her gift card!

Dear Stephanie, Can you please work on this Cat dress? I need it in my closet right MEEEEEOW!

Bonus points for animal usage

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CONTEST: H&M Grand Opening VIP Party

As a 20 year resident of Salt Lake City, I reflect fondly upon my younger days as a Crossroads Mall rat. The junior high weekend routine was clearly established: invite skinny, 11 year old, brace face friends over for a Friday night sleepover, write in journals about who is ‘dating’ aka ‘holding hands with’ who in the seventh grade, engage in a lengthy binge of 90210 episodes and then stay up as late as humanly possible.

The true magic of my 11 year life culminated in meandering aimlessly throughout the mall. We’d begin our journey in Limited Too, migrate slowly toward The Gap and conclude our trek in the Food Court. Here, we would gorge on cinnamon buns until our blood sugar levels soared high enough to carry us through an intensive photo shoot in the photo booth at the lower level magic shop.

Fourteen years later, Crossroads is no longer standing, and in its place stands the massive City Creek development. While I was initially saddened by the loss of Crossroads Mall, I am elated by the much needed metamorphosis of the Salt Lake shopping experience that is taking place. 

Since the era of Crossroads we’ve witnessed the opening of the Gateway Mall which introduced new to market retail giants such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. We’ve also witnessed the Trolley Square remodel and the arrival of our first American Apparel. While these events have indeed been a step in the right direction for Salt Lake, nothing will elevate the shopping experience more than the grand opening of H&M in Fashion Place Mall. 

Gone are the days of the mandatory and obligatory H&M visit while on vacation. No longer do we need to worry that our return suitcase, crammed full of H&M swag, will exceed the airlines weight requirements resulting in a luggage fee. After years of waiting, our fashion prayers have been answered. We finally have a store that we can call our own. 

Okay… now onto the CONTEST PORTION of this post:

Now that I've told you what H&M's arrival means to me,
 I would like you to tell me how YOU feel about it!



2. EXPRESS WHAT THE FASHION PLACE H&M OPENING MEANS TO YOU. For example, send a videolog of yourself getting weirdly emotional (just don't be naked please,) draw a picture, write a haiku or sing a song... do whatever you like, just as long as your content can be submitted via email. 



Tip: Don't over-think this... it's supposed to be fun. You'll get bonus point for humor. 



I will be giving away 7 invites total. Each invite allows for one guest. Contest closes tomorrow @ 7pm. I will post my favorite submissions on my blog and will contact the winners via email on Thursday by 10AM MST.

Pickles is REAAAALLLY excited about H&M coming to Salt Lake!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truuuuust in Meeeee

You might recall these special leggings from a while back (okay you probably don't but that's fine.) But really, I can't even express to you how thrilled I am that I still have feelings for them this season. I love them because:

1) They allow me to gorge myself comfortably as they conveniently expand with my waistline after a large meal
2) Snake print pattern hides food stains rather effectively and 
3) I love them most of all,  food related purposes aside,  because snake print is totally sssssss-sexy for fall. 

Wearing these makes me want to sing the 'TRUUUUUUST IN MEEEEEEE' Jungle Book song to strangers on the street. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to just slither around on the floor with these bad boys on? 

I really love the idea of this print paired with some luscious velvet in a perfect-for-fall berry hue. I bought this button down blouse thrifting and decided that it worked as a cardigan if I tucked the collar under. Weird, I know. At least it adds some much needed bulk to my shoulders. 

The flash is awkward but the color is nicer in this.

Monday, September 12, 2011

NYFW Pt. 2 - Concept Korea Show

Avery Fisher Hall

Lie Sang Bong - SS 2012 Collection
Loved the vivid colors and architectural features of this collection

Steve J & Yoni P SS 2012 Collection - My personal favorite

The lovely feline fashion blogger was looking 'rather catty,' styled to Persian  puurfection wearing her signature pearls and jewels.
Doho by Doho SS 2012
Love how the highly textural appeal of this collection was juxtaposed against graceful nudes and pastels
The impeccably dressed Aimee Song from Song of Style  was in attendance. Adore her perfect play on plaid.   
Me and Lie Sang Bong
Son Jung Wan SS 2012 Collection

Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYFW Pt. 1

 Hey friendlies! First I have to rant, second I will tell you about my first New York Fashion Week show. 

It has been a while since my last entry but I return to all of you lovely readers reinvigorated, energetic, thankful and inspired. I’ve learned this past week that a.) you never know where life will take you and b.) every choice, as microscopic and miniscule each individual one may seem, adds up to the story that is your life.

For the past month I’ve been struggling with the concept of my blog. The nature of fashion is infinite and inexhaustible; another trend is always around the corner. The inherent qualities of fashion involve both consumerism and self expression; two forces that at times seem to be at battle with one another, or at least in my mind. How sad is the concept that in order to participate in something I love so dearly involves me draining my own pocketbook? I guess this perspective could be deemed as rather cynical and negative but when I compare my own wardrobe to those of other bloggers I can’t help but ask how they afford all of the things they wear. (Can anyone say sponsors?)

This thought process has been somewhat of a hindrance to my ‘creativity’ over the past months. It is true that I can shop second hand and alter the garments I buy for practically pennies but the tradeoff involves the time required to do so. So this is a reason for why I’ve slowed down on blogging - it can be tiresome chasing an ideal.

But after some months of absence from online blogging I’ve felt pretty damn pathetic wallowing in my own pity party. Clothing to some may be rooted and end in nothing more than superficiality, and for those who align themselves with this dialectic, it is what we do that defines our purpose; not what we wear. Absolutely. This statement is completely valid but how can one say that our clothing is completely isolated from any meaning and purpose in our lives?

Mixed some black and blue nail polish for a Navy hue that is killer for fall
For me and certainly many others, clothing is not merely fabric that covers my skin; it is ingrained in my identity, a form of language non-reliant on words. I often can’t express verbally why something appeals to me aesthetically; the feelings evoked by a well made garment are no less valid than those brought on by a work from the high renaissance. Now for some that might be quite a stretch and by all means I am not trying to make this entry some weird personal manifesto, I guess I’m just saying that I wish there were more time in the day and more money in my pocket to contribute to the one activity that really makes my heart sing.

So you’re probably wondering what broke my pitiful spell of sadness? Why am I so ‘reinvigorated?’ In comes the explanation for this post’s title.

Last week I received an invitation to show at New York Fashion week! 

I actually thought it was a hoax – especially the part where the email said that some of the participating designers ‘liked my blog.’ After pacing around and sweating profusely, I decided to call the number of the firm that had contacted me. Sure enough, an actual human answered and reassured me that it was in fact real. I booked my ticket two days later.

So here my lovelies, are the first half of the photos for the my whirlwind adventure in New York Fashion Week at the Concept Korea Presentation.

Pt. 2 to come! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello my blogger loves. This post will be a brief one as I'm running out the door but I really felt it very necessary to introduce you all to my new pleated skirt. Yes, I know you're thinking, 'What are you doing psycho? It's a cheerleader/tennis skirt, loser-freak!' Yes, I'm quite aware that it's context is deeply rooted in the above categories, but I figured since the pleated midi skirts have been a wardrobe staple for spring, this shorter, wider pleated version could substitute nicely for the summer season. I found the same one in a pale yellow version and decided that a pair of JC's (preferably the foxy's) in a lighter shade would look lovely with it. Sadly I don't own a pair of the foxy's yet so in the meantime, my Lita's will have to suffice.

Hope you all are doing fabulous. I loved reading all your comments on my last post. After taping the nose bridge on my glasses and snorting around with some HTML, I figured out how to reply individually to each comment, which got my geeky, nerd self pretty excited. 

Anyhow, I must run my lovelies. Walter is leaving for Alaska for 10 days tonight and coincidentally, my most incredible and amazing friend, Ashley arrives in town tonight for the weekend. She is my soul sistah, seriously like my right arm and is an incredibly fun person to be around. I'll try to coax her into a mini photoshoot to post on here as she is really, really, ridiculously good looking and therefore fulfills the most important requirement for appearing on my blog. (I kid, I kid.) 

xo, Kristen 

I had to throw these in. I'm obsessed with her. <3

Ashley and Me. Gorgeous.