Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our New Office Space

Before... mmmm Barcelona Chairs


We painted the center dividing wall a slate/blue gray to emphasize the architecture. The blue carpet was a little limiting on our wall color. Ikea cabinetry is a good alternative for those on a tight budget. Oh-say hi to our office fish, Gil. I feel guilty about keeping him in such a small vase. :( 

Building exterior

Over the summer my boss relocated her firm to an amazing new space. The building is super snazzy. The architecture is angular and clean and the structure is comprised of an all white stucco exterior with tons of south facing windows and skylights. I love going to work even more now because I feel like I'm in one of Richard Meier's buildings or even Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye... (well, almost.)

The portion we are renting needed a little work at the beginning. The now retired architect who owns the building had been using the space as his painting studio. Being the 'free spirits' that artists generally are, there was an abundance of old building plans, modeling supplies and miscellaneous handy man tools that had been literally stuffed into file cabinets.

Although we were able to successfully paint over the oils splatters and patch the hundreds of nail holes in the walls, the scent of turpentine still lingers in the air. I love it. <3


  1. Kristen you are one cool cat. I feel like we were lucky to work about two days together... And I think we should totally hang out because we have a lot in common. Your job sounds fun. I'm a tid jealous.

  2. I love romms makeover! It looks fantastic! xoxoxoxoo

  3. Wow, all of the staff must be feeling proud to be part of your company. A new office means a new feel and vibe. I hope everyone working in this building will take advantage of that and be inspired to work hard every day. I like that the architecture of the building already speaks about your business. You did a fantastic job from the outside to the inside!

    Clayton Steadham @Metro Offices