Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fabrics Oh, My!

I spent late Friday afternoon organizing our sample room. The whole process of getting all the fabric, tear sheets, hard materials and finish samples back in their original places seems superfluous at times, as the next day (or even hours later) everything will end up scattered after a last minute ransacking. That's the nature of the beast I guess.

Earlier Friday, we received a new fabric shipment from our Representative in Denver. We requested they send us some moderately priced samples of fabric that people can actually afford in this sub-par economy. Our textile library is currently overflowing with some of the most amazing designer fabrics, however these come with a high price tag, some ranging from $90-$300 net (designer's price) per yard. No matter how chic a pattern may be or how lustrous the hand, people understandably see no logic in spending $600 plus for fabric they are using to reupholster Grandma's ancient lounge chair (that is probably cracking at the frame and wobbling on its legs.) Luckily, some pretty sweet items came in our package so I decided to show off my favorites. 

Villa Nova is a great affordable brand. A division of the fancier British manufacturer, Romo Group, Villa Nova allows for those with smaller pocket books to indulge in fresh and vibrant style. I love their modern take on retro prints and interesting color schemes. For the baby boomers, this style might trigger some memories of bad acid trips in the 70's, but someone like myself who never lived through that period, will find this look utterly adorable.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend of Death

This weekend consisted of my nose being buried in an 'Arts of China' textbook for almost 36 hours straight. I was studying for a heinous exam and felt as though I was on the brink of INSANITY. You know that gross, rusty feeling you get when all you've done for days on end is eat and some more...then sit longer? No wonder people gain massive amounts of weight in college. Anyhow, 12 mini Kit-kat bars, 1 emotional breakdown, 2 dried out highlighters and 6 pages of text later I am miraculously still alive.

So what do my pathetic personal woes have to do with this post, you ask?

Well, after the rather 'dry' activities of the weekend I decided to burn off steam by indulging in some creative art. Yes, I'm that weirdo who defines "burning off steam" as toying around with Photoshop, creating elevations of rooms that I would love to lounge around in. (Thanks to Room & Board/Anthropologie for allowing me to play with their furniture...oh and Ansel Adams, thanks to you too!)
Photoshop/Hand rendering by me, myself and I

Also after this weekend, I decided I would take up painting. I've attempted a few paintings here and there but have never made it past that "awkward phase' where everything looks blocky and flat. This time, I am fully committed to stick it out, even if it ends up looking totally sad. At least I can say I tried, right? 

The picture below is Stage 1 of my endeavors... (still in that 'awkward, blocky' phase.)

A photo I snapped outside Glacier National Park, MT - (if you haven't been, you need to go because this place is stunning.) Also the subject matter of my 'special' painting.

I'll keep you updated as I go. Wish me luck!

Until next time...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our New Office Space

Before... mmmm Barcelona Chairs


We painted the center dividing wall a slate/blue gray to emphasize the architecture. The blue carpet was a little limiting on our wall color. Ikea cabinetry is a good alternative for those on a tight budget. Oh-say hi to our office fish, Gil. I feel guilty about keeping him in such a small vase. :( 

Building exterior

Over the summer my boss relocated her firm to an amazing new space. The building is super snazzy. The architecture is angular and clean and the structure is comprised of an all white stucco exterior with tons of south facing windows and skylights. I love going to work even more now because I feel like I'm in one of Richard Meier's buildings or even Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye... (well, almost.)

The portion we are renting needed a little work at the beginning. The now retired architect who owns the building had been using the space as his painting studio. Being the 'free spirits' that artists generally are, there was an abundance of old building plans, modeling supplies and miscellaneous handy man tools that had been literally stuffed into file cabinets.

Although we were able to successfully paint over the oils splatters and patch the hundreds of nail holes in the walls, the scent of turpentine still lingers in the air. I love it. <3

Friday, November 12, 2010

Incredible Designer

I am in love with this woman's style - I mean it must ooze from her pores. I love the fact Jessica Helgerson's firm focuses on sustainable design and uses recycled and vintage furniture in crisp, contemporary settings. Moreover, she creates spaces that are jam packed with character and soul. 

Nothing cookie cutter about it. Click here for Jessica's Portfolio


Allow me to introduce myself...

So this is my first blog... and probably the first time I've put anything 'thoughtful' on the web. I've decided to break free from the death grip of Facebook and focus on the things I'm actually interested in... not 'so and so's' status update about the physiological impact of what they ate for dinner last night or the insanely obvious weather post. I know it's snowing, "Boiiii," I can look out my window! 

Anyhow, by the title of my page you've probably deducted that this site is fashion/design related, and this is true! 

I'm just a girl infatuated be all things visually stimulating, cutting edge, well-made, etc. From the classic Eames Lounge Chair to the iconic Chanel quilted handbag, I swoon over perfect design

For work, I'm an Interior Designer and have developed a bad habit of noticing everything around me. I loathe the artwork that has been hung too high and can't stand matching furniture sets. Barf! 

So I embark on this cyber journey to satisfy my undeniable urge for indulging in fabulous new trends/products/looks/styles and ultimately, hope to get your feedback on things not only hipsters think are cool.

Until next time...